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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Time for some picture books!

First up: Looking for a Moose. This book totally cracks me up. Its about a group of kids who've never seen "a moose- a long-leggy moose- a branchy-antler, dinner-diving, bulgy-nose moose." So they set out to find one, and they search high and low. The best part is, the illustrations are riddled with moose, but the kids just can't seem to find them. Which works out all to the best for the reader, because you get to hear the chorus over and over again. I love it!

Obviously the moose are found in the end. Although we never do learn the plural of moose. Mooses?

Looking for a Moose written by Phyllis Root illustrated by Randy Cecil
ISBN 076362005x
40 pages


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