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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It has been quite a while since I've reviewed any nonfiction, I'm thinking. Plus, we are going to be at the bookseller's table for the September meeting of the Victoria Children's Literature Roundtable, and Diane Swanson is the guest speaker. Diane Swanson is the queen of kid's nonfiction. Really, look her up; she's out of control.

Her newest book is called A Crash of Rhinos, a Party of Jays, and it's all about the names of animal groups. She's picked 11 animal groups, and they each get a two-page spread. Each spread features the group name, a few sentences on why the name makes sense, a few fun facts about the animal in question, a colour photo, and a funny illustration. I kind of wish the photograph was a bit bigger on each page, but that's my only complaint. Other than I wish the book was longer. Its super cool, and I really think kids will have a fun time checking it out.

A Crash of Rhinos, a Party of Jays by Diane Swanson
ISBN 1554510481
24 pages


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