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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Yes! Another Maureen Johnson book came in yesterday! The Bermudez Triangle is what Nina, Mel and Avery have called themselves since they were kids. They even have a really funny triangle power ceremony that they do every now and then. The book starts off at the start of the first summer they'll ever spend away from each other. Nina is going to some crazy brain camp thing at Stanford for 10 weeks (note: do American high schools really get that much time off during the summer? I feel totally ripped off), and Avery and Mel are staying home and working at J.P. Mortimer's, a fake Irish chain restaurant.

While Nina's gone, she falls hard for Steve, who lives in Oregon. Also while she's gone, Avery and Mel hook up. Mel has known that she is a lesbian for a long time, but she's been too afraid to admit it to herself, let alone own up to it. Avery does not feel that she's gay, and the whole relationship starts to freak her out. Then Nina comes home, and they don't tell her! That is by far the worst part of the book to me. That awful feeling of being excluded by your best friends? I hate that!

Anyways, the book follows the girls for the remainder of the school year, as Mel and Avery get outed to the whole school, Avery cheats on Mel with a boy, Steve breaks up with Nina, and new friend Parker falls hard for Nina.

That's a lot of be happening in one year, and with the perspective changing around between the three friends, it's a lot to get into one book. So that's my criticism. Johnson was trying to get too much into one book. I still loved it, mind you. I just wanted more. As in, maybe this should have been more than one book. Which as criticisms go is a pretty good one to be getting, no?

The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson
ISBN 1595140336
384 pages


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