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Friday, July 21, 2006

Okay, it is insanely hot here. Like, sit in front of a fan and try not to move hot. Unfortunately, people keep coming into the store needing help. Boo!

So last night I did a little reading of one of the very few ARC's we got for the fall season (what is up with that?!). It's called Saint Iggy and its by K.L. Going. You may remember her from Fat Kid Rules the World, which I haven't read, but I have been meaning to since it came out. I am just slow on the uptake.

Anyway, the title character, Iggy, has just been kicked out of school. Which sucks, because his life is pretty awful. His parents are both drug addicts and he lives in the projects. His dad's dealer is always around trying to collect money, and his mom has gone visiting, but that was a month ago. Then Iggy accidentally gets his friend Mo involved in his world, and Mo's mother gets involved. Things spiral out of Iggy's control until the heart breaking conclusion. I'm not kidding about the heart breaking; I cried while drinking my morning coffee today. Iggy's world is god-awful depressing, and worst of all, real. His voice is wonderfully realized. Going allows us to see Iggy's learning disability, without making the text too hyper and hard to read.

However, do know that you will probably cry, so don't be wearing mascara when you are reading this one.

Saint Iggy by K.L. Going
ISBN 0152057951
272 pages


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