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Monday, July 24, 2006

So on Friday a bunch of good looking books came in. But it was too hot to read. Or write. Or think, really. Fortunately today is much cooler.

This next book begins when one day, a lion walks into the library. Everyone is quite shocked as he wanders into the story hour area, but the head librarian, Miss Merriweather declares that as long as he's not breaking any rules, he can stay. From then on, the lion becomes a regular at the library, helping out by licking envelopes and dusting encyclopedias before story hour. Until one day, Miss Merriweather takes a nasty spill reaching for a book. The only way to get Mr. McBee's attention is for the lion to roar (something that's against the rules). Miss Merriweather is sent to the doctor, but the lion, knowing he's broken the rules, leaves the library, and doesn't return. The children from story hour miss him, Miss Merriweather misses him, and the whole library seems rather sad and lonely without him. Mr. McBee decides there's only one thing to do, and he heads out on a search for the lion. Eventually he finds him, looking very pathetic and wet in the rain. Mr. McBee tells the lion of a new rule at the library. Now the no roaring rule has an exception: if you're trying to help a friend in need. The next day, the lion returns to the library, and Miss Merriweather and all the children of story hour rejoice.

Part of what makes this book great are Kevin Hawkes' illustrations. His paintings make you feel like this story happened several decades ago, making Miss Merriweather and her emphasis on rules fit. The lion himself is shockingly well behaved, though the library patrons seem to expect this as standard procedure.

All in all, a good little book, that would be wonderful for a library story hour.

Library Lion written by Michelle Knudsen Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes
ISBN 0763622621
48 pages


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