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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The best part about my job is the new books. Sorry, the new books that are awesome. Just such a book came in today, and I think I have found a new favourite. It's called The Opposite and its about a boy named Nate.

One morning, Nate wakes up to find an opposite on his ceiling. The Opposite causes trouble for Nate all day long, spilling milk and paint at inopportune moments. But every time Nate tries to explain, the Opposite disappears. Finally Nate catches on and manages to beat the opposite at his own game. Hurrah!

I should note here that Elena Odriozola's illustrations are fantastic. Really fantastic. The Opposite is a funny looking guy in a onesie that comes up over his head. And his nose is really big. Basically, he cracked me up.

I should also note that this is Tom MacRae's first kids book. I know! To write something so perfectly great on your first time out is quite impressive. He's also very good looking (I'll be nominating him for Fuse #8's Hot Men of Children's Literatures Series fo' sho'!). Which has nothing to do with anything, but I couldn't help but notice his photo on the back jacket.

The Opposite written by Tom MacRae illustrated by Elena Odriozola
ISBN 1561453714
24 pages


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