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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Let's throw a little Cancon in here, shall we?

Margriet Ruurs has been writing books about chickens for quite some time. So its no surprise to see her newest book is called Wake up, Henry Rooster! Henry is not your typical rooster, see. Henry likes to sleep in; he's just not a morning rooster. So when his dad leaves for a week long convention, putting Henry in charge of the farm, things are bound to go wrong.

All week long Henry stays up late, partying, reading and listening to music, doing a terrible job of getting up on time to wake up the day. Everyone ends up being fed late and missing the school bus. What's a teenage rooster to do? Fortunately for Henry, his farm features a wise old goat, who gives pretty good advice. The solution to Henry's problem? Stay up just that little bit later to start the day for everyone else, and then hit the sack.

I think the best part of this book are Sean Cassidy's illustrations. Ever wonder what a teenaged rooster would look like? Cassidy's imagined him perfectly. From the dancing cows, to the skateboarding horses, this is by far the coolest farm you've ever seen.

Wake up, Henry Rooster! written by Margriet Ruurs illustrated by Sean Cassidy
ISBN 1550419528
32 pages


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