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Friday, June 09, 2006

I think I mentioned that I spent some major birthday money at the store the other week. One of the books I picked up was the sequel to Ruby Lu, Brave and True which I adored. Here's a shocker for you: i also loved Ruby Lu, Empress of Everything.

Last time we saw Ruby, she was excited because her cousin Flying Duck was emigrating to America with her family. Most of this new book deals with Ruby and Flying Duck's adventures during second grade. First off, Ruby is no longer the centre of attention, which is tough. Flying Duck's family are also not very good English speakers, so now everyone at home is speaking Chinese all the time, and Ruby can't understand what's going on.

One of my favourite things about Look's writing, is the way she just slips things in, without making a big deal of them. For instance, Flying Duck is deaf, but the kids on her street think its pretty cool, because they get to learn Chinese sign language.

Ruby must also learn to cope with swimming lessons, when she's deathly afraid of water. Of course, Flying Duck is an excellent swimmer. But Ruby is one of those totally unstoppable kids, and when the going gets tough, Ruby always seems to come out on top.

Ruby Lu, Empress of Everything written by Lenore Look illustrated by Anne Wildorf
ISBN 0689864604
164 pages


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