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Saturday, June 03, 2006

I love picture books that convey some kind of message without being messagey. They are hard to find, in my experience. And so when Why do You Cry? came in, I heaved a big sigh, ready to be annoyed by the messagey content. But huzzah! The Klise sisters have hit the mark!

Why do You Cry? is the story of Little Rabbit. Now that he is big, and hosting his very own fifth birthday party, he has decided that crying is only for little babies, and he will only invite friends of his that don't ever cry. Mother Rabbit is gently skeptical, but sends her child out to invite all his friends. And one by one, all of Little Rabbit's friends reveal that they still cry, when they're feelings or bodies are hurt, when its dark out and the shadows look like giants, when they're embarassed by new haircuts. Finally Little Rabbit comes home and declares that he and Mother Rabbit will be the only ones at the party. Until Mother Rabbit announces that she can't come either, because she still cries, too! What on earth could prompt Mother Rabbit to cry? Well, among other reasons she gives, is that "I look at you and feel so proud and happy. And that can make me cry."

And so Little Rabbit realizes that crying doesn't make you a baby, it means that you have feelings, and sometimes crying is the only way to express them. The birthday party turns out to be a great success, with only one guest (a proud Mother Rabbit) shedding any tears.

I must say that I particularly enjoyed illustrator M. Sarah Klise's paintings. They reminded me of someone, though I can't for the life of me remember who. Regardless, they are wondefully whimsical, and by far my favourite is the page that illustrates the cat's fear of the giants/shadows in the alley.

Why do You Cry? written by Kate Klise illustrated by M. Sarah Klise
ISBN 0805073191
32 pages


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