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Sunday, June 18, 2006

You know, there are a lot biographies for children that focus on explorers. Kids just seem to dig the idea of them. But I've never read a kids' book that addresses the idea of exploration, and why humans are so hellbent on discovering new things.

Well, I found one. Susan Lendroth wrote Why Explore? about the human need to discover. Her rhyming text begins with Polynesian navigators, and passes through early astronomy, and microscopic research, finally ending up at space exploration. Enrique Moreiro's illustrations are dreamy and detailed at the same time. Lendroth made the book all the more valuable by including an Author's Note that gives a bit more information on the people in the book.

Two disclaimers: I really don't like the pull out spread of the American west. Also, I think Lendroth's rhythm is off. I read it aloud, and it just sounded . . . off.

Why Explore? written by Susan Lendroth illustrated by Enrique S. Moreiro
ISBN 1582461503
32 pages


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