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Monday, June 12, 2006

Question: Does Chris Raschka ever do bad books? I haven't read everything of his, so I can't say entirely, but if so, I haven't seen them.

His newest book is Five for a Little One, and it's about the five senses. Each sense gets a lovely few pages, featuring an inky rabbit, and then we get a little wrap-up of them all, and finally "Five senses- just enough- to know the love we have for you."

Not at all surprisingly, Raschka's illustrations are the coolest in town. They're a combination of what looks like ink splotches, brushed india ink, and colourful stamps. The exuberance of them makes me want to run outside and experience the world.

The text is pretty great, too. It's not quite rhyming, and the rhythm is just a little off kilter. Just enough to make it fun. Definitely a read aloud!

Five for a Little One written and illustrated by Chris Raschka
ISBN 0689845995
48 pages


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