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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yesterday my computer was all funktified, so I could not write a post. I will likely do a second one later today to make up for it.

So the book I read and was not able to post about yesterday was Rewind by Laura Dower. The title comes from the gimmick Dower has used. The book starts out on Chapter 28, and finishes at Chapter 1. Each chapter takes place a few days after the one before. The story is a love triangle between Cady, Lucas and Hope. Cady is the cool not so popular girl, Hope is the flakey popular girl, and Lucas is torn between the two girls. Bleh. What I especially did not like about this book was the way the characters did not seem to ever do anything about their situations. Except for Hope. Cady is hopelessly in love with Lucas, and doesn't do anything about it. Lucas really likes Cady, but can't seem to stop himself from being all over Hope. And Hope is just a really big b*tch. To give Dower some credit, I was mildly surprised by the ending, which gave away Hope's motivations for the whole sordid mess. But most of the time, the book felt like it wasn't going anywhere.

Dower also made Lucas a little obsessive, but never really took that anywhere. Cady continued to be a doormat throughout the book, and Hope never seemed to regret or analyze her actions.

I suppose if I was a teenage girl who was not overly popular and considered myself to be cooler than the high school scene of cliques in that way that many teenagers are (I should know, because I was one of them) I might enjoy this book. Other than that though, I cannot really recommend it.

Rewind by Laura Dower
ISBN 0439703409
243 pages


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