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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Okay, I have a good excuse for taking the last few days off. I was being a good daughter and helping my mum clean out her garage. So there!

Anyways, today's book is a fairly recent publication. Where Does Pepper Come From? is a non-fiction title for the kindergarten set. The format is what makes this book so great. Each subject is brought up with a question. "Why do bears hibernate?" for instance. Then a silly joke answer is given on the opposite page. Turn and the page and a group of kids will shout NO! and give you the real answer to the question. That is by far my favorite part of this book. The chorus of 'no' will really get kids going. Also the factual information is quite simple, without going into too much detail. A great resource for the five and under set.

Where Does Pepper Come From? written by Brigitte Raab illustrated by Manuela Olton
ISBN 0735820708
32 pages


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