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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I have already mentioned that I love Lenore Look's early chapter book, Ruby Lu, Brave & True, but I first came across this author with Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding. This book accomplishes that rare feat: a children's book about a different culture that has a great story as well. You would think that this would not be all that rare, but in my experience, cultural identity books are usually pretty lame.

Jenny is our protagonist, and her Uncle Peter is getting married. Which is great, except for Jenny. She's worried that once her favorite uncle is married, she'll no longer be her uncle's number one girl. Meanwhile, the preparations for an elaborate, traditional wedding are going on all around. Yumi Heo's pictures wonderfully illustrated the happy preparations, with a rather unhappy Jenny to one side. Fortunately for everyone involved, it turns out Jenny's new Aunt Stella is a pretty cool lady, and Jenny will always remain her uncle's special girl.

Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding should be on every teacher's bookshelf.

Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding written by Lenore Look, illustrated by Yumi Heo
ISBN 0689844581
40 pages


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