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Sunday, September 17, 2006

So Few of Me is one of those picture books that is almost more for adults than for children. Its about Leo, whose list of things to do is growing ever longer. He thinks to himself that another one of him would help move things along, and indeed, a second Leo does get more done. But not enough, so more and more Leo's appear until there are ten of them.

Even with ten though, it seems the work is never done, and the original Leo sneaks away for a nap. When he awakes, the other Leo's are standing over him, demanding to know why he was doing something that's not on the list. Leo's conclusion in the face of all these things to do is a true one. Better to do less, do it well, and leave yourself time to dream.

Despite the rather adultish fable aspect of the book, I think Peter Reynolds' illustrations are enough to draw in children. They're just loose enough to be fun, and the only word I can think of to describe Leo with is 'scamp'. Maybe loveable scamp.

So Few of Me written and illustrated by Peter Reynolds
ISBN 0763626236
32 pages


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