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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I would hope that by now everyone realizes that I adore Maureen Johnson. Have you seen her website?! Its awesome! So you can imagine that when her new book arrived this week, I was pretty pumped.

Devilish is one of the crop of books popping up lately that features a character selling her soul in order to be popular. In this case, the setting is a Catholic girls' school, and its protagonist Jane's best friend is the one who does the selling. In order to save Allison, Jane makes a deal with a demon. If her ex-boyfriend doesn't kiss her by midnight on Halloween, she forfeits her soul in place of Allison's.

Meanwhile, it turns out that her freshman stalker (in a nice way) is a 116 year old demon hunter who still looks 14. And her calculus teacher? Part of a secret Catholic society that helps hunt down demons and protect the souls of humanity. Because its Maureen Johnson, its funny as all get out. For instance, the loss of toes features as a prominent plot point.

Its a bit less serious than Johnson's other novels, by which I mean I didn't cry once throughout the whole book. And I'm also feeling like it could easily be a series (please let it be a series!).

Devilish by Maureen Johnson
ISBN 1595140603
263 pages


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