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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Because of the heat and all, I thought I'd go for an easy read. I picked up Abadazad: the Road to Inconceivable on Sunday. The book is a neat concept. Its a diary, mixed with some comic strip style pages, some more traditional illustrations, and inserts from other books. The story is about Kate, whose brother Matt disappeared five years ago. Both Kate and her mother blame themselves, and Kate is especially angry about the whole thing. Mixed in with this are the stories from Abadazad. Apparently, a series of books created about a hundred years ago, they follow the adventures of Little Martha in the magical land of Abadazad, and they were Matt's favourite books. Then Kate finds out that her brother may still be alive and in Abadazad. So she magically transports over there. That's really where book one ends. It seems as though there will be three total in the series.

I have to say though, that I found the whole thing kind of dull. First off, this book really is just an introduction, and nothing too exciting happens. Secondly, although conceptually I love the idea of this book, with all the different graphics and whatnot, I don't actually like the style of Mike Ploog's illustrations. Every single person in the book has a snub red nose. And Matt is rather sickeningly cute. I also think that Kate's voice doesn't ring true. It just doesn't sound like a 14-year-old girl talking.

That said, this book would be great for reluctant readers. It's not too long, and there are lots of pictures to break things up, without it feeling like a book for little kids.

Abadazad: the Road to Inconceivable written by J.M. DeMatteis illustrated by Mike Ploog
ISBN 142310062x
144 pages


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