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Friday, May 12, 2006

I'm not much of a poetry person, so when all these novels in verse started coming out, I was a little skeptical. But I've read a few now, and they've all been very good. However, I cannot say that any of them were inextricably linked to their own form. So far they would have made perfectly good (if somewhat longer) novels. On the plus side, they make for nice short reads.

Anyways, that is my lead in to Pieces of Georgia. Its about Georgia, who is thirteen, and for the most part, a loner. Her best friend is Tiffany, and she is a total jock, spending most of her time at various sports activities, leaving Georgia lots of time to hang out with her dog, and her sketchbook.

Georgia, her father, and the aforementioned dog live in a trailer on a horse farm. Georgia's father spends all his time working at construction sites, so Georgia keeps busy drawing and looking after the horses. That is until her school councillor gives her a red leather journal, and suggests that Georgia use it to write down her thoughts. She even suggests Georgia write to her mother. See, Georgia's mother died when she was seven.

So the book itself is a rather extended letter to Georgia's mother, as she deals with her grief-stricken father, Tiffany's new Ritalin addiction, and her discovery of the art of the Wyeth family.

By far the best parts are Georgia's multiple trips to the Wyeth museum, and her wonder at the paintings housed there. Though I must say, Bryant did a really nice job of a realistic happy ending. One that had me sobbing, I might add.

Pieces of Georgia by Jen Bryant
ISBN 0375832599
176 pages


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