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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Last year I discovered a really funny picture book called Wolves. It's by a British woman named Emily Gravett. This year she has another picture book out, that is really different, but equally as good.

Wolves is about a rabbit who goes to the library and checks out a book about wolves. Unfortunately, rabbit is so distracted by his book, that he doesn't notice he's walking right into a wolf. Gravett's illustrations are some of the coolest I've seen in a while. They are semi-collage, with really interesting changes in perspective. And she avoids the implicit violence of the wolf and rabbit's meet up by just showing us a really cut up book cover . . . and then turns the whole thing around by giving us an alternate ending for more sensitive readers. The first time I read this book. I gasped out loud. Because it's a really big risk to do a picture book like this, and I think it's wonderful.

Gravett's next book is a lot less risky. Orange Pear Apple Bear uses only the four words from the title. But the order is never the same, and the illustrations add to the silliness. For future reference, an apple bear is green with a rosy red patch. A lovely book for preschoolers, who will get in on the fun of thinking up new word combinations.

Wolves written and illustrated by Emily Gravett
ISBN 1405050829
40 pages

Orange Pear Apple Bear
written and illustrated by Emily Gravett
ISBN 1405050802
32 pages


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